Driving Opportunities and Shared Growth

Your growth matters to us. From business development to sales and operational support, Super Pipes authorised dealers can tap on the resources from our team as we remain committed to providing your business with incremental sales opportunities.

Target Group for Super Pipes Authorised Dealership

Hardware stores who want to include high quality steel products and accessories in your range of products.

Rewarding true partnerships

Benefits of being a Super Pipes Authorised Dealer

  • Business set-up


  • One-stop online ordering and account management capabilities to foster customer growth


  • Customer lead generation with initial training and ongoing support


  • Quick shipping


  • Extensive range of high quality steel products and accessories to meet your clients’ diverse needs


  • Gain market differentiation for the products and services that you can offer


  • Access to Super Pipes co-marketing materials and product collaterals

Become part of our Super Pipes Dealership Program

When you become a partner in our dealership program, you will see that teaming up with Super Pipes is an easy and smart move for your business.

If you are interested in our Super Pipes Dealership program, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at