Design and Build

  • Our design and build concept transforms the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance, which fosters collaboration and teamwork. From the outset of every project, our design and build team readily works seamlessly to complete each project faster, more cost effectively and with fewer change orders

Steel Building Construction and Project Management

  • Our team of dedicated project engineers and specialists are dedicated to service excellence and on-time delivery of structural steel construction projects
  • We can customize upgrading or alteration works according to client’s requirements

Steel Pre-Fabrication and Installation

  • Tapping on the success of the precast concrete industry, the concept steel prefabrication is set to gain momentum. With large, complex fast track projects without outside material handling and staging areas, prefabrication becomes a must. In today’s competitive market and time constrained schedules, prefabrication is the only viable way to raise work productivity and achieve cost savings
  • Although prefabrication is not new to the industry, we will be the first to set up a prefabrication centre to provide prefabrication services to all installers in the industry
  • Benefits of steel prefabrication include:
    • Less labour intensive as compared to the traditional method of installation because steel is prefabricated in the factory and delivered onsite for installation
    • Increased safety. Prefabrication occurs in ideal factory conditions. Steel undergoes complete testing prior to installation. Safety risks are reduced for installers due to fewer on-site hours
    • Maintain site cleanliness and reduce installation time. Result in shorter turnaround time for project completion. Work productivity is significantly enhanced